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*wave* [20 Sep 2008|09:28pm]
Hey look everyone! I live!
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There will be a slight delay [20 Jun 2007|11:20am]
[ mood | sore ]

I have been writing, and there isnt much left to the story, however I will not be updating as long as my intestines feel like they are about to explode. I'm sorry. But I have been throwing up violently, and I have been curled up in the fetus position. I think I'll have to take a short break until I feel better. Everyone cross your fingers and hope its not Apendicitus. All up, Sirea out.

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Dungeons of the Mind #65 [12 Jun 2007|12:48pm]
[ mood | blah ]

A sharp pain filled Marcus' lungs, and he coughed painfully. Purple goo started to spew from his lungs and mouth, as he drowned from the inside out. A dark cloud was emitted from the goo and it encircled the figures in the room. The toad fell and the smoke solidified and trapped the figures in the room.

Deirdre ran down the hallway tiredly carrying the wolf, hoping the others had gotten out safely. She tripped and fell, turning so the wolf fell on her instead of the other way around. Her sight blurred, and darkness overtook her mind once again. . .

Amas glared at her surroundings as if her icy glare could freeze the dense solid fog which was around her. "Oh well. . . we will just just have to revert to plan C. Adlan. . . I know you can hear me. It is time to wake thy other side up." Across the building the human girl's eyes opened, but they were not the eyes of a woman, but of a beast.

**Sirea here, Welcome to my lovely back from hiatus story. this is the finish of my post earlier. For any old or new readers WELCOME. Feel free to comment. For I less than three comments. Ummmm. I know, this section is going slow, I'm working on that. It will be done soon. All up! Sirea out!**

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Dungeons of the Mind #64 [12 Jun 2007|11:53am]
[ mood | working ]

The maenad put the groggy wolf down and stood in the middle of her circle of power with her arms outstretched. "Take your best shot." The toad stood, baffled for a moment, not sure whether she was setting a trap for him or what she was doing. The momentary confusion wore off and the toad licked his lips.
"If thash really wasth you wants." Three explosive capsules were hurled toward the amused maenad. All three explosions hit their mark and went off flawlessly. Marcus cackled messily as spit sprayed out of his disgusting mouth.
When the smoke cleared, there was nothing there, not a wolf, not a maenad. A scorch ring sat where they had stood.
"Thash taken cares of," the toad grinned.
Amas was not so convinced. "Are you sure about that Marcus?"
"The esplosions were big enoush, theresh nothing left."
Amas looked at him skeptically. "Where is the blood?" Marcus stood looking at her then at the spot then back at her.
"Whash did they hits then?"

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Erm. . . I apologize. seriously. [06 Mar 2007|06:52pm]
[ mood | busy ]

For those of you who are still with me on this. I. . . am sorry. ouch. that hurt. The world has been raping my schedule up and down for about a month now. I have half a post written, and I promise that this story WILL be finished. I just have a lot on my plate- well actually I dont have anything on my plate, thus why i'm busy. You see, a lot of crap has been going on and i find myself down on food funds. Not to fear though, since i, sirea, and a hobo-scout. and hobo-scouts find free food no matter where it might hide. BWAHAHAHAHAAAH

Alright, look, i'll get back to posting soon.
All up, sirea out.

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OOOOHhhh shiat [19 Dec 2006|09:54pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Is it the end of the day already??!!! Crud. . . . oops. oh well, Post up tomorrow. I got too distracted by a lovely little site that EVERYONE should visit. (theres something for everyone, bowling innocent skaters over, cute fuzzy adorable things collecting cute adorable things, cutsey bugs, squashing spiders, and yes, even samarai and big robots.) it is quite fun. http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ WhAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!? VISIT ALREADY!! All up, sirea playing games- i mean out. ^_~

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Dungeons of the Mind #63 [18 Dec 2006|10:54pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Dre prepared herself by enveloping herself in purple light. Dean stood back and prepared to smack anything that got by and Keith waited next to him. The lizards split up and some chased the snakes while others still charged after Dre and the others. Her eyes glowed and her thoughts, her concerns all disappeared, a purple light emanated from her and a large ball of her power caused an explosion that took out most of the creatures. Any creature who did not fall from the blast or the poison of the snake bites either ran away or was kicked in the groin by Dean or punched in the groin by Keith.
"Now we can find the stupid text and get our asses out of here," Ren grinned.
"What about Dante?" Dre looked at the others sheepishly as they all gave her a dirty look.
"We'll see," Keith sighed. "He seemed like he's in pretty bad shape though. He could be dead by now" Deirdre sighed, she knew that Keith was right, but she still wanted to try. They exited the cold cells and made their way over the piles of lizard folk and through the corridors.
'Another mess of bodies. . . another enemy to defeat. . . why don't they matter? What has this world done to us? How did we go from refusing to hurt anyone to destroying every life in our path, just to get out of here?' Dre contemplated their situation as the ran through the old library. When they had arrived, she couldn't even light a fire, or hurt a little wolf, now she was causing destructive explosions aimed to take out lives. As they ran, her thoughts were broken by the sound of a familiar yelp.
"Shadow, we have to go help Shadow," Dre realized. Shadow was worth another slaughter.
"Are you kidding me?" Ren looked at her.
"No," Dre answered with a strait face, "If we have to split up to do this, than so be it, I'll help shadow, you all find the text and we can meet up outside."
"You are insane. . ." Dean sighed. "Alright, let's go." Dre nodded and ran toward the sound of the wolf's pain.
She opened a door and looked in as Amas stood over the sore and persistent white wolf. Shadow lay there, trying to force himself to stand with some blood around him and a hungry looking group of lizard folk standing around watching. The group did not flinch, nor did a member turn to look at Dre. She ran up, pushing through the group with her power flaring.
Amas looked at the pathetic and worn out maenad and laughed. "What a sad looking soul you are. I see you broke out of our prisons."
Dre ignored her and walked up to Shadow and focused her power into him healing him a little. Amas snapped and the lizard folk started to walk up to her. Her power created a ring on the floor. "I suggest that you do not cross that line," she stated gravely. The lizards looked at Amas, who nodded. The first line of lizards crossed the line and fell immediately with their eyes instantaneously blank. "I warned you." She picked up the wolf and walked out carrying him, only to be stopped by a familiar face, and slur. "What in hell? Didn't I explode you?"
"Affarently nots," Marcus slurred as he pulled out some more explosives, "But I'll be thur to exslode you thish thime." Dre just smirked.
"You just keep thinking that."

**NTR: OMFGZOMGSHEUPDATEDTWICEINONEDAY!! THISHASNTHAPPENEDSINCETHESTORYSTARTED!!! . . . uhuh. yea, about that. I am GOING to finish this damn thing over this break, i ASSURE you. And to anyone out there who can read those sentences. . . you poor poor thing. Might i add, Dre is getting a tad sadistic? OOhhh, i dont just get to blow him up ONCE, but TWICE. ALL UP, SIREA OUT!! (Again)**

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Dungeons of the Mind #62 [18 Dec 2006|12:24pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

"Damn, I wonder if they actually did?" Keith laughed, but the laughter was shorty lived as Marcus hopped in. He stuck his tongue out and slobbered out some inaudible words before Keith threw a stone at him also.
"Thash, wash nots a good ishea," the toad spat.
"Can someone translate for me?" Ren laughed. Dre looked over at the toad-man.
Everyone seemed amused except for Marcus. Pulling out a set of small round capsules he laughed at the prisoners with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. "Yoush like throwing rocths, do you?" The toad tossed the capsules into the cell at the prisoners. Dre stared at the capsule's as they went though the bars. As soon as the eight balls touched the floor, the walls, the boys or any other surface they exploded. The cell filled up with smoke and the frog grinned coughing a little, however as the smoke thinned a little another explosion occurred. Several purple disks came flying out of the smoke and at Marcus and the bars themselves. The toad croaked out a final 'Oh shlit' before the discs exploded. When the dust and smoke finally cleared and the purple shield faded from around the four prisoners. Dre sat on her side of the cell staring at the splatter of a toad on the other side of the broken bars.
"Dre. . ." started Ren.
"Yea, I know, we are going to be caught again now," she finished.
"No, not that. Why didn't you do that BEFORE?"
"Oh, heh. . . I guess I didn't think of it," she laughed. Ren got up and walked over to her, helping her stand as they started to exit the cell. They didn't get far before they heard the lizard folk coming back after hearing the explosions. Since there was only one exit, they had very few options of escape.
"Let's just stay in the cell," Keith grinned, "They cant blame us, he was using explosives too."
"But they will blame us anyway," Dean reminded him.
"Oh, yea . . . hmm," Keith pondered.
"Ren, you can change your shape, swarm toward the door, just not something that lizards would eat. Get around them and I'll explode them from my side," Dre instructed. Ren nodded and complied, when the door opened, he readied himself in a swarm of large snakes and slithered into the crowd of lizards.

**There is more coming, this was the second part of last night's post. Sorry bout that. It cut off my post. All up, Sirea out (until later) Oh, and I am finally home.**

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Dungeons of the Mind #61 [17 Dec 2006|02:15pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Deirdre’s power flared. A surge of purple lightning threw the girl back and Dre once again reached for Dante, not hearing her friends yell as she fell to the ground.
“Why is it so cold?” Deirdre moaned as she sat up on the cold stone, “Dante!” She stood up abruptly but sat back down again dizzily.
“And here you guys were telling ME not to do anything stupid,” Keith sat across the moldy cell with the others, rolling his eyes at the stubborn maenad. Deirdre looked around, realizing where they were situated.
“I’m sorry guys. . . I just. . . I don’t know what I was thinking,” Dre looked aside, ashamed.
“So here we are again, how come we are ALWAYS stuck in jail?” Ren sighed sarcastically.
"How can any of you make light of this?" Dre looked at her companions with uncertainty. They just shrugged and continued throwing little pebbles at the cell bars. "How did we get down here?"
"That human girl you threw wasn't the only person in the room," Dean sneered. "Now we are stuck in the prison because of your theatrics with your little boyfriend there." Deirdre looked at the bars. She wanted to be mad at Dean for what he said, however, she knew he was right. She wondered why she was so worried about Dante, why she even cared.
"He's not my boyfriend," she stated plainly, "but that shouldn't stop me from trying to help him if he needs help."
"This whole, helping your worst enemy thing is getting old Dre. Either bang him and get over it, or let him die," Dean blurted out.
"Oh shut up Dean, no one wants to listen to you bitch," Ren snapped.
"Stop it," Dre glared. "We need to work on figuring out how to get out of this."
"Yea. . . hey, Keith, you don't happen to have any spoons on you this time, do you?" Ren laughed. Keith rolled his eyes and smirked.
"No, they took all of my silverware and cutlery from me this time. Hey, Dean, do you think you could pull that stick out of your ass? I could probably unlock the door with it." Dean just scowled and rolled his eyes.
"I wish you were undead, so I could heal you just to piss you off," Dean spat. The lizard folk around the cell smacked the bars with a metal bar to warn them to shut up, and in response all three boys threw rocks at them. "Why don't you all go fuck yourselves with your own lizardy tails." The lizards just glared at the boys and dragged themselves out of the prison area. "And stay out! . . . Wait, did they actually just listen to me?" Everyone burst out laughing.

**NTR: I am relieved, as well you should be also. I have a post up FINALLY. Geeze. heh, took long enough. I know I know, we are almost to the end. I shall finish this over winter break. All up, Sirea out! (finally)**

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Note to Readers!!! (19) [28 Jul 2006|10:15am]
[ mood | drained ]

I promise I'll have a new post up soon. . . I'm just disheartened by my lack of fans. *shrug* my fault entirely. But really, a little fan art never killed anyone. . . SPEAKING OF WHICH, that reminds me, I was making you all a present! ^_^() whoops. Right, my entry is almost written.

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Dungeons of the Mind #60 [07 Jul 2006|01:58pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

**First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has aided me in my time of need. and to all of you who couldnt but showed their support in different ways, thats just as good. ^_^ its nice to know that people care. Well, enjoy part one of today's post. OH, and so you ALL know. I WROTE THE ENDING. BIATCHES. ^_^ VOOT.**

“Sir, we found another intruder on our lands,” another group of lizard folk walked in, and Amas dismissed her men from Keith, “This one looks like he’s dead, what should we do with him?” Dre’s eyes widened. Shadow ran up to the limp, dirty and blood covered body, sniffing him and whining. Tears started to fill her eyes, even with all the hatred she felt for him, she suddenly felt remorse. She snapped out of it when Shadow yelped. The guards kicked him back toward the maenad.
"Bring him here," the blond halfling smirked. Examining the bloody and battered drow, she handed him over to the human girl. "What do you think, Adlan?"
"I say we feed him to the great lizard," Adlan grinned.
“The great WHAT??” Dre jumped. “You are not feeding that man to anything!”
“What does it matter maenad? He’s already dead,” Amas grinned devilishly.
“It, he, but. . . NO! He is not,” Dre ran up to Dante shaking, “He can’t be. . .” The others looked on as she pushed the savage lizard people away from him. “My god. . . I killed him. . .” She held him close to her. “I’m sorry Dante.” His eyes cringed and his head turned a centimeter, startling Dre. ‘Is he. . . alive??’. She laughed. “He’s not dead yet!”
“No?” Adlan questioned, walking over. “All the better then, we prefer to serve her greatness live and fresh meat.”
“WHAT? No, you cannot. I refuse to allow this.”
“You are in no position to refuse little girl,” the human girl growled through her teeth, knocking Dre away from Dante.

**Yes, I have written the ending, and no, you will NOT get spoilers. (unless i get PI3 out of it. and good pie, not that crappy crap. AAAND because I am so sure that that wont happen, YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT, AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ^_^ bweee. But do not worry, this is DOTM QUALITY. ^_^ GOOOOD STUFF MAN. ALL UP, (a very proud) SIREA OUT!!**

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Money problems [28 Jun 2006|12:18pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hi folks. . . yea, um *picks up sheild so she doesnt get hit by rotten tomatoes for not posting her story for the last few days*.

Yea, so currently my family is having money problems, its going to be a stretch just to get through the next few weeks. I apologise for the delay, but I have been working my arse off trying to earn grocery money for us. Now, i dont have a legitimate job (not that I didnt try, its just that. . . well, no one is hiring seniors who are leaving for college), I only do commissions. Even at $40-60 as my average pay, $40 a week wont feed my family. So I am working overtime. I apologise for the lateness of my story, and for any possible sadness or such that it would cause. I am currently working on two poster sized (24x18) comissions, and three paintings. If you have any spare change and an idea dont be afraid to send me a message. I always get my comissions done. I do all kinds. and I'm better than I was at the beginning of the year (no lie).
And we need the money.

All up, Sirea out.

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Dungeons of the Mind #59 [23 Jun 2006|11:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

“Little man no talk,” the creature grunted once more. The party couldn’t help but snicker. ‘Repetitive isn’t he?’ Dre thought to Ren. Something in Ren’s mind clicked, and a message was sent back.
‘I don’t think that’s a HE.’ Dre’s jaw dropped and she covered her mouth. She examined Keith’s captor and chuckled, glancing at Ren, who was grinning ear to ear.
‘Somehow I should have expected that . . .’ Dre mused. ‘Where do you suppose they are taking us? To a dungeon?’ Ren looked pensive as he searched the surrounding area.
‘I think they are taking us . . . exactly where we want to go.’ Ren glanced over at Dean. ‘Hey, how is he? I don’t think he even cracked a smile when that thing repeated itself.’
‘I don’t think he’s quite feeling up to joking . . . understandably of coarse . . .’ Dre looked at Dean sympathetically.
‘Of coarse . . .’ Ren agreed as somberly as she had first thought it. With that their link was broken, and they just watched the hallways ahead of them. Soon enough Ren’s theory was proven as they were all placed down in a large room. The dreary and drafty room stood on old crooked pillars and massive bookcases, small streams of morning light broke through cracks in the ceiling and walls, lighting torn and discolored tapestries which still hung on the vine and moss infested walls. Deirdre looked around in amazement at stacks and cases of old and untouched books, and found herself taken by the rustic beauty of the room itself. A little beaten, a little old and drafty, a bit drafty and cold, but still, with the right light shining through it, the room shone with wonder; but her musings were interrupted by Ren’s flailing.
“CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE ME!?!” he yelled, “VAMPIRES AND LIGHT DON’T MIX!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??” The creatures looked at him, and then at each other and slid his cage away from one of the beams of light. “Grr, finally.”
A voice greeted them, “Finally? Is that anyway to show respect to your gracious host?” The party’s attention was directed to a blond-haired Halfling with two companions.
“Oh, so you guys CAN talk,” Keith taunted.
“Speak, actually, we SPEAK. But yes, you met a few of our grunts, or front line soldiers, not many of them are well versed in the languages they were raised with,” The Halfling explained.
“Well,” Deirdre started, “we might show you a bit more respect if you show us some and let us out of these cages.”
“Oh, certainly . . . Adlan?” the Halfling had little more than speak the girl’s name and snap her fingers and the short black-haired human girl got to work opening the cages. Once free, Deirdre wasted no time before questions came pouring out of her mouth.
“So who are you anyway? And why did you capture us? And why are there petrified lizards everywhere?” The Halfling just laughed.
“I am Amas,” she spoke, “and these two are my assistants, Adlan, and Marcus,” she stated casually, pointing from the human girl to a young male humanoid who very much reminded Deirdre of a toad. “As for who we are as a collective and why we have all of the stone lizards, we are barbarians, and this is our collection, as I’m sure you realized we serve to learn the way of the lizard.”
“The ‘Way of the Lizard’? How LAME can you be!?” Keith grinned. These freaks were giving him exactly the ammunition he needed to raise his spirits, without alcohol that is.
“Lame? Tell me that after you look behind you,” the Halfling woman matched Keith’s mischievous grin. Keith turned around.
“Holy Crap!” eyes wide, he turned around to see an identical set of lizard mask wearing barbarians with spears jabbed near his neck. “Ok . . . maybe a little less lame than I thought.”

**NTR: TOLDYA!!! Hawtt. So enters three more people I know as NPCs keep an eye on them though, they have some ODD talents and personalities that have yet to be shown. ^_~ ooooOOOoh You'll see. ENJOY!!! AND LEAVE ME SOME LOVIN! (and no Nii-san, not THAT kind. ya pervert ^_^) ALL UP!! SIREA OUT!!

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Dungeons of the Mind #58 [23 Jun 2006|12:29pm]
[ mood | busy ]


“What? A map? Let me see!” Ren moved closer, examining the map. “Well, that’s wonderful, but which way do we go first? And what are these little symbols?”
“Um, it looks like Celtic animals,” Dre studied each tiny drawing individually.
“Ok, lovely, so what are we supposed to do with that?” Ren sneered.
“Follow them?” Keith suggested.
“Right, we are supposed to follow this stupid map when we don’t even know which direction we . . . are . . . facing . . .” Ren finished his sentence as Keith showed them the Celtic drawing, carved into a semi smooth tree trunk. “How did you see that?”
“I’m short; it’s on eye level with me.”
“Hah, I guess your height finally came in handy for more than looking up skirts,” Deirdre smirked.
Following the map and the little symbols left here and there, they continued on. As they traveled, they noticed subtle little changes in the forest around them. From a particular berry being abundant one minute, to being scarce the next, to the undergrowth seeming to disappear altogether. The dark forest went from lush, full of life, filled with the noises one would expect of the night. An owl’s call, crickets, rustling of the branches as the wind blew by all sounded eerily comforting comparatively to the empty echo of the dark ominous rows of trees. Glancing around nervously in the silence, the party continued on.
“Something isn’t right. . .” Keith mentioned quietly.
“No shit Sherlock,” Ren rolled his eyes.
“It’s always the quietest just before the storm…” Deirdre whispered, with her eyes and crystal glowing. The others glanced over, perplexed, and somewhat unnerved by this statement. As they traveled more deeply into the silence, the ground crunching under their feet, and the occasional scurrying of a mouse were the only sounds in the night until a loud crack startled them. The party drew their weapons and turned to face nothing but the darkness they had walked through; however, when they turned back to their original destination they were face to face with some of the ugliest faces they could imagine.
“Why aren’t abandoned places EVER really abandoned?” Dean glared at Deirdre.
“Come on, what fun would that be?” Keith joked.
“Little men no talk,” one of their captors glared back as they carried their cages back to the vine covered stone building.
“Ugly AND stupid. I think this is a record,” Keith poked fun at the scaly faced humanoid whom carried his cage.

**NTR(squared): yea, about that, there is more coming later, I assure you. This is just a taste. ^_^ comeeeeddyyyyyyyyyyyyy . . . All up, Sirea out (for now)**

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PRESENTS!!! [22 Jun 2006|10:22pm]
[ mood | full ]

For all you CRAZY people out there who wonder what my other personalities LOOK like, I had each one of us make a lil avatar with the same crazy creater that i used to make the characters. . . oh, and for those of you who requested Gabe, i need to do a little patching up of him (for his goatee is missing).

Heather: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1048/tek0606178cc7753pw.png
Sirea: http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/7205/tek0606199c2b692jn.png
Blade: http://img483.imageshack.us/img483/5456/tek0606220c44724rz.png
luna: http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/9362/tek06062257e1956fu.png
Deirdre: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/3656/tek06062286dc453nv.png
Teera: http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/726/tek0606222d62493wr.png
Natai: http://img483.imageshack.us/img483/2188/tek060622e881612aw.png

And for added enjoyment:
Erice (with pants instead of a skirt): http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/3609/tek0606213c0f259nd.png

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Dungeons of the Mind #57 [21 Jun 2006|12:05am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

**NTR IN ADVANCE: I apologise for the shortness, but i just went through and reread my whole story for little plot points i needed, and realized that i made a plot hole, thus, i am FIXING the plothole. it should be a fairly fun fix though. A nice dose of comedey right where its needed.**

“So. . . Deirdre, what’s the plan now?” Dean glanced at her uneasily as they walked onward, “don’t we have all five relics?”
“Yes,” she answered plainly.
“Then. . . why don’t we go pay a visit to the philosophers?” he suggested.
“We still need the text.”
“The text?” Keith glanced over, “What text?”
“An ancient document which is in the Holy Library,” she explained.
“Oh, and you suppose they will just LET us have the document?” Keith spat.
“No, it has been abandoned for years, it’s in a church devoted to a long dead god, the only inhabitants are wildlife and the occasional adventurers who need a roof over their heads.”
“Then who says its even going to BE there?” Ren snapped.
“No one. We are just going to have to hope it is,” Deirdre looked down and pet the white wolf.
“How do we know we are going to right way?” Keith glanced over at Deirdre.
“We don’t.”
“Maybe-“ Ren started.
“Maybe nothing!” Dre interrupted, “He deserved exile. It’s what was right. . .” her voice trailed off as she remembered a conversation she once held with Gabriel. . .
“Why do you protect him?” Gabriel’s voice echoed in her mind. “He has don’t such horrible things. . . Why do you protect him?” again it questioned her. Her eyes closed tightly and her fists clenched. A tear ran down her face and she answered once more under her breath.
“Because it’s what is right. . .” Ren and Dean glanced over at her.
“What did you say?” Ren questioned. She opened her eyes startled, not realizing anyone had heard her.
“Oh. . . it was nothing,” she stared off into the night.
The party’s dwindling numbers became apparent when they traveled, when confronted by some wild creature, their defenses lacked, when they made camp in the mornings it took twice as long, and possibly the worst problem faced, had to be the fading bonds between everyone. The glue which held the party together disintegrated twice as much as it already was when Mo died; however with each bond broken, a new one formed, one of respect and cooperation. . .
“Look Deirdre, I respect the fact that you are trying to play the part of the ranger now, but for crying out loud, we are LOST. You can’t track like a ranger, so just STOP trying. We have been walking for hours and it’s almost light out!!” Ren finally snapped.
“Hey! I’m trying the best I can!” The bright eyed maenad turned to face the annoyed vampire.
“I agree with Ren, I say we either turn around or find someone who can help us, even if that means-“ Deirdre cut Keith off.
“We will not seek Dante’s help. We don’t need that murderer,” she looked at the forest around them. “We’ll see what we can find for help in the evening, for now we’ll make camp.” Irritated and exhausted they complied. Camp was set up and Deirdre took the first watch. She watched the forest, wondering if her friends were right. ‘I need to help them, getting them home is first priority, but. . . I can’t risk their safety,’ she thought. Quietly speaking to the wolf, as he was her only company, she continued pondering the situation, “I don’t know what to do Shadow, it seems as though I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I can find another tracker, that would be ideal, but, if I can’t, I can’t just ask Dante. Not after what he has done, but what would be the most dangerous? Dante or traveling blind. . .” Tears welled up. “What am I supposed to do?” she sobbed into her knees. How long had they been there? She couldn’t even remember, and she honestly felt like they would never get home. She was giving up.
Early evening she was awoken to shouting.
“Keith you idiot!! How could you fall asleep during your watch!?” Ren was fuming.
“Well it’s not like anything happened to us, doesn’t look like we had any problems. . .” Keith attempted to defend himself. Deirdre curiously looked at her hand.
“We may not have had problems. . .but we definitely had visitors,” Dre mentioned before looking at her friends. Everyone looked over as she unrolled a piece of parchment. “Someone left us a map, marked with our location and our path of travel.”

**NTR2: Yea, so, I'm tired, sorry for all the drama, but well, you know, death is a very dramatic thing. well, I is cooked for the night, enjoy my ode to pi(3) and my posts and my pictures. All up *yawn* Sirea OUT. **

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ODE TO PI(E) [20 Jun 2006|08:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

A nearly famous artist/author* once said:
"Beside every great author sits a plate of pie and little chocolate covered ice cream bites."

“How about pie? Everyone loves pie.” ~Alsi (dotm)

"3.1415926. . . is served!" "Wha??" (mah grad partay)


You'll never guess what I am eating right now. . .


*Yours truely


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Dungeons of the Mind #56 [19 Jun 2006|09:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

As Dre’s mind raced, all she could hear was her pounding heartbeat, darkness enveloped her sight removing the shadows, the pain, the light . . . when she awoke, she heard voices, yet, although familiar she could not match them to faces. She opened her eyes and was immediately blinded by the streaming light of the sun invading her chambers. Shielding her eyes from the brightness of day, she turned toward the door. Her friends stood inside the room, speaking softly. Dean and Keith stood in front of a dark shadow where another solemn voice resounded. She saw their faces, their slouched and serious forms, and she knew how close they were, but their voices still seemed so distant. She still felt numb as she stood up, and even though she saw nothing after her friend died, she remembered everything. As she walked toward her friends, she felt as though she was watching a play. It was an otherworldly feeling she possessed, and she felt as though she was watching herself move, and when she finally spoke, she knew why her friends’ voices felt so distant, they were just as detached as her own broken whispers.
“So, what now?” Deirdre looked from one boy to another. Their tearstained faces turned to her, their eyes dead to the world, just as she was sure hers appeared. Ren looked the most serious.
“We keep moving,” as he wiped the tears from his face they knew exactly what he meant to say. It was never more apparent to them what they had to do than right at that moment. With Mo’s death a part of each of them had also died, and if they hadn’t to that point realized, it was absolutely crystal clear that this was not a game, nor could they treat it as such.
“. . . We have to complete this; for Mo’s sake. She wouldn’t have wanted us to give up, yes, we’ll all miss her, but,” Deirdre stopped and closed her eyes tightly, warding off tears. She had no need of finishing her sentence, as they all understood. As they awaited the sunset down in the tavern, they were greeted by thankful citizens. They were treated as heroes and royalty, they were celebrated and offered drinks even; but they didn’t feel much like drinking, nor celebrating.
“We apologize for your loss, this must ‘ave been quite a bitter-sweet victory for ye,” one patron remarked in passing. They all looked down, Ren clenched his fists in anger, and Dre rose.
“Bitter-sweet? No. There was nothing, absolutely nothing about this that was sweet, I wouldn’t even go so far as to call it a victory!” She finally felt tears, real tears streaming down her face, “I lost my best friend and you call that a victory!? You throw my friends and I a party?? How heartless could you possibly be!?” Keith and Ren stood, attempting to get the angry maenad to sit, as they noticed a familiar glow shining in her eyes. Eyes burning she broke away from them and stormed out. Once again the tears refused to come as they were merely evaporated from her face. She continued to run, not even halting for her friends as their voices called to her, but as she approached the woods a vision of Dante’s broken and battered form stumbling back into the darkness ran through her mind and she stopped in her tracks. She wanted to tear her hair out, she wanted to fall to the ground sobbing . . . she wanted to go home.
Ren, Dean and Keith stopped nearly 20 feet from her, cringing at her blood curdling scream. They cautiously stepped toward where Dre stood, shaking. Ren put a hand on her arm and her eyes opened. A determined glare shone from them as she stared out into the wilderness. She pulled her arm away as she stepped forward.
“Do you have our things?” her formerly quivering voice spoke strong and solid.
“Yes,” Keith responded.
“Good, let’s be on our way than, shall we?” Deirdre motioned for the others to follow as she started into the woods. There was no longer any doubt in anyone’s mind of the dangers the world held for them, but there was also no doubt of their task. They had to get home.
After a few miles of walking, the party heard rustling. Keith jumped, pulling out his weaponry and the others soon followed suit. Back to back they stood, ready for anything, when out of the darkness came a canine figure. They all jumped but Dre recognized the creature.
“It’s ok boys, calm down, it’s only Shadow.” She kneeled down and pat the excited looking wolf. “Why aren’t you with your bastard of an owner?” she questioned the creature, as if it could respond to her inquiries.
“Maybe he is . . .” mentioned Ren. Keith glanced around a little uneasily and Dean retorted loudly.
“Well let that asshole come and find us! We’ll show him who he messed with.”
“Even if he is nearby we’ll take care of that later, our main concern is getting home right now,” Deirdre remarked as she started walking once more. . .
That morning they made camp, not that any of them felt much like sleeping, but they laid out their straw mats, ate their dinner, and assigned watches. Soon they let themselves fall to sleep, uneasily dreaming as they tossed and turned on their straw mats. A breeze rolled through the tall trees and a figure crept up silently. Slowly kneeling beside Deirdre’s pale and exhausted frame, the dark figure leaned ever closer, gently caressing Dre’s cheek as he moved her hair away from her tightly closed eyes. Leaning forward in a rush of boldness, his lips carefully brushed against hers.
Deirdre opened her eyes. The wind blew gently through the empty forest, and suddenly she felt alone. She looked over at the tree Ren leaned against, shaded in his dark hood, facing away from the party. As she glanced around at the darkening forest, and up at the colorful sky she noted how quiet the world gets just before darkness and the creatures of the night take over.
She looked over at the other guys who laid on their backs, watching the show of colors between the branches.
“What do you think happened to her?” Dean questioned, asking what no one else had the nerve to. They all looked over. “I mean, do you think she went home? Or do you think she’s actually. . .”
“I don’t know. . .” Dre looked at the sleeping wolf beside her, “I guess we’ll see when we get home.”
“If we ever do get home,” Keith murmured under his breath, but in the silence of twilight, they all heard him, and though none would admit it, they all felt the same.

**NTR: FINALLY EH!? ^_^ hehe, not quite the ending yet but i'm getting there. be patient. Did you like my presents to you? *points at the post before this* Sorry if its only 2 pages, heh ^_^() its also not as good as before, but i have to get back into the swing of things. sorry bout this. well, enjoy it anyway. And dont worry, there will be some comedy. oh, and can anyone pick out when Dre is dreaming? *nudge nudge wink wink* well, ALL UP SIREA OUT!!**

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Note to Readers!!! (18) [19 Jun 2006|07:33pm]
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I apologise for not keeping my work on having it all posted by the 17th, but hell, gradiating takes more outta you than I expected. I'll post this week, and that is a PROMISE. until then, enjoy my presents to you. Made on Gaia's avatar creator and touched up by yours truely in some instances I give you the cast and crew of DOTM as they are now (or were a few entries ago). (chibiized for your enjoyment)

HMG: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1048/tek0606178cc7753pw.png
Sirea: http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/7205/tek0606199c2b692jn.png
Deirdre: http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/899/tek060618c823815ax.png
Dante: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c112/LunasRealm/danteav.png
Mo: http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/6107/tek060619aeeb914mc.png
Keith: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/7659/tek06061954ce205kl.png
Dean: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/8655/tek060619881823an.png
Ren: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/189/tek0606194a22796ws.png

I was considering adding an Erice and a Gabriel too, but I didnt know if there would be any demands for them. Leave me some lovin if you want any other characters up here, or if you have any thoughts/requests/dirty unmentionables, or if you just want to leave me some lovin. ^_^ anything at this point would be much appreciated.
See ya later tonight or this week! ALL UP, SIREA OUT!

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Note to Readers!!! (17) [30 May 2006|05:01pm]
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O.o Wow, how the time flies. Well, I suppose I SHOULD get my act together. I only have until the 17th to finish DOTM. That isnt long at all. To all of you who hung in there, thank you. IT SHALL BE DONE!!!!

All up! Sirea out!!!

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